I’m a graphic designer with 5 years of experience. Besides I’m a 3D modeler and an animator with 3 years of experience. I learnt in University of Industrial fine arts and Arena Multimedia also, and graduated both of them. While the University taught me the fundamental, the very basic knowledge of fine arts like ratio, layout, color scheme and how to use oil color, Arena trained me very well on CG skills, how to use softwares to show what I mean. These knowledge, combining with my experience in reality, working as freelancer and fulltime staff for many companies all over the world from the third year of University, help me to earn my clients’ trust and gladdening, and their money also.

I like many things. I love painting, my favorite material is oil on canvas. Do you like Piet Mondrian? He’s my favorite artist! God his works have really inspired me! Until now my main style in graphic design still effected by his, simple, elegant but also very subtle and modern. If there’s a chance I can talk with you about him, about my style all day long. And not only in graphic design, but also in animation. I know many animators like to add many many details in their works, such as a blink sometimes, a head-turn, or fingers’ overlapping. I don’t say they’re useless. They do really help bringing out characters to life but, with very teeny tiny amplitude. That’s when subtlety comes to take its part.


Piet Mondrian

I like fashion, too. But again, simple is the most complicated thing. For now I’m on 20s-of-last-century-style, with the goal is to create a vintage and elegant image. But if you ask me will I still have that style in the next few years, I will answer you that I don’t know. Normally, I change my style once within 6 months . Ha ha.

Oh and I love food, too. But I also like Anton Ego’s point of view: If I don’t love food, I don’t swallow. Maybe that’s why I never get fat. Fortunately I have to keep my body fit, because fashion works best on ones who have fit bodies.

Well that’s the main part. There’re sooooo many thing I would like to tell you but I guess I can’t write everything on here. Why don’t we meet so that we can have a little chat? Whether you can become my client or not, we can still be friends. At last, the goal of this life is making friends right? I have felt so nice to meet you already!